Becoming Part of the Big Family of PT. Maruhide Indonesia

As a manufacturer of components and accessories for commercial vehicles and passenger vehicles in Indonesia, Maruhide Indonesia always tries to have the essence that Human Resources (HR) is the most valuable asset because a workforce that has good and balancing skills will play a big role in business growth, so we MUST prepare An appropriate Manpower Planning strategy (Manpower Planning = Process of estimating or projecting the number of workers needed) is important to pay attention to, and must not be carried out haphazardly and continuously so that all business operations and targets can run smoothly and ensure that there is no disruption to the achievement of the Vision and Company mission optimally.

Job Vacancy

We are looking for and honing the potential of individuals who are professional, motivated, dynamic, responsible and disciplined and are willing to come forward and join us and become one of our great teams.

Maruhide Indonesia Employee Candidate Search Process Flow:

  1. Applicant Application
  2. Pemanggilan HRD
  3. Psychological / Physical Test
  4. User Interviews and Offers
  5. Medical Check Up
  6. Signing of Employment Contract
  7. Training and Placement

Seluruh proses recruitment hanya melalui website resmi serta nomor kontak yang tercantum pada website ini. Seluruh proses recruitment tidak dipungut biaya apapun. PT. Maruhide Indonesia tidak akan bertanggung jawab atas kerugian apapun yang disebabkan oleh pihak eksternal lainnya.